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THE dumbest diets of the decade

We are firm believers that an overall healthy, balanced lifestyle is better than any diet you can try. We are also firm believers that in order to achieve a goal, you need a clear path. For that reason, diets can be extremely useful which is why we have been featuring and sharing some of the decade's most popular diets. These are not them.

To see the real diets that may actually work and help you lead a healthier lifestyle, click here. But, if you want to hear all about the diets ILIOS Foods has voted as the Dumbest Diets of the Decade, keep on reading.

Not all diets are even worth trying

The Master Cleanse:

The Master Cleanse is a great diet if you're looking to starve yourself, empty out your bowels all day every day and lose a ton of weight that you will almost instantly gain back once you start consuming food again.

This diet consists of drinking a mixture of lemon water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days. To clarify, this weird spicy mix is the ONLY thing you will be consuming for 10 days except for baking soda dissolved in water you're allowed to chug right before you go to sleep. YUMMY!

The cabbage soup diet:

The cabbage soup diet is as restrictive as the Master Cleanse because you are ONLY allowed to eat cabbage soup until you basically can't stand it anymore... and until your friends can no longer stand to be around you and your newfound gassiness.

This diet is lacking in a whole bunch of essential vitamins and nutrients and contains zero protein or heart-healthy fats!

The Baby Food Diet:

The Baby Food Diet - Eat baby food for 2 out of your 3 meals!

The title of this diet says it all! There is no longer a need to evolve from surviving on breast milk or formula, to eating pureed peas, to FINALLY being allowed to chomp down on real food. There is also no longer a need for teeth!

The Baby Food Diet requires the person on it to replace 2 of their 3 meals with baby food. Considering one jar of baby food contains anywhere between 20-100 calories, you are essentially just starving yourself all while enjoying the mushy, gag-worthy delicacy that is pureed turkey.

The Tapeworm Diet:

Let's end this article on a high note. Introducing the most ridiculous, stupid and unhealthy diet we at ILIOS Foods has ever heard of: The Tapeworm Diet.

You may think that the word "tapeworm" is being used metaphorically... well my friends, you are wrong.

Lose weight by eating a parasite!

This diet consists of ordering an illegal tapeworm egg capsule from a black market website, swallowing the capsule and waiting for a little baby parasite to grow in your body. The tapeworm will grow and absorb all your calories and all your nutrients. But, you will lose weight! A ton of weight actually!

You will suffer from severe undernourishment, debilitating stomach pains and constant nausea and diarrhea. Regardless, you will more than likely end up in the emergency room at the hospital, but, if the tapeworm eggs spread to other parts of your body, you may even die!

All in the name of a slim figure! Cheers!


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