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Get to know our products!

Browse through the official ILIOS Foods catalog

and meet our parent-company; CTS Foods.

So many delicious local and imported food products!

ilios foods catalog 2024.png


ILIOS Foods: Foods without borders.

We LOVE food! And we really hope our product line reflects that passion and gives you a true taste of all the different countries we are fortunate to work with!

CTS Foods Main Catalog Summer 2024.png


CTS Foods: Food importer and distributor - your all-in-one solution.


We bring the foods of the world to your local grocery store. Discover our imported cheeses, organic pasta, flavourful antipasti, succulent deli meats and many more great local and international food products.

cts import cheese 2024.png

import cheese catalog

CTS Foods: European cheese importer


Over the past decade, CTS Foods has become a powerhouse in the import cheese game. Working with several European suppliers, we source and deliver the finest import cheeses.

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