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pass the pickle juice please!

We can honestly say that we are indeed pickle lovers; just like a large chunk of our followers and the global population. But if we haven't tried pickle juice yet... are we ACTUAL pickle lovers?

We were shocked to discover that the benefits of drinking pickle juice just kept coming! Not to say pickles are particularly unhealthy but finding out the brine of our go-to marinated vegetable can help recover from a muscle injury? Wow.

Read on to find out how this salty thirst quencher can help you feel great!

Don't dump your pickle juice! Learn about the benefits of drinking this salty beverage.

1) Drinking pickle juice after a workout can help soothe muscle pains.

Why? No one is really sure. One theory is that the vinegar in pickle juice acts as a pain reliever by stopping nerve signals and consequently relieving muscle exhaustion.

2) Drop the Gatorade, put down the Powerade. Pass the pickle juice.

Full of sodium and potassium, pickle juice is the perfect drink to help your body regain electrolytes lost during a hardcore cardio session. BONUS! Pickle juice way cheaper than a commercial sports drink and is also low cal & fat free!

3) Load up on the antioxidants.

Pickle juice contains both Vitamin C and E which help protect your body from exposure to free radicals and boosts your immune system.

4) The healing effects of vinegar.

Several studies have observed that drinking vinegar every day may help you lose weight. Vinegar is the main ingredient in pickle juice. It also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and is great for your digestive system.

5) It helps with bad breath.

Both vinegar and dill (a popular ingredient in pickle juice) have strong antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.... you may have to live with pickle breath though!


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