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5 breakfast ideas for children with ILIOS

These recipes will make you serve up delicious, protein-packed breakfasts to fuel your kids!

With these beautiful mixes full of colors, you are going to make the little ones want to enjoy their breakfasts in the mornings right before heading off to school for days full of stories to tell!

ILIOS organic GRANOLA and Yogurt Popsicles

It changes from the classic granola or cereal bowl, right?

Kids will feel like they’re breaking all the rules by having “ice cream” for breakfast, while you’ll rest easy knowing they’re getting plenty of protein and calcium. Plus, you can easily redo this recipe with your favorite ILIOS organic granola!

Get the recipe here

ILIOS Mushroom, Spinach, and Emmental Scramble

For the more adventurous eaters, these cheesy vegetable-filled scrambled eggs are packed with delicious nutrition.

In the original recipe, the scramble is made with Swiss cheese but nothing prevents you from changing it for your favorite ILIOS Emmental! Cheese, cheese, more cheese!

Get the recipe here

ILIOS ORGANIC Quinoa Breakfast Cookies

These breakfast cookies make a great quick breakfast or healthy snack for the kids! Made with carrots, quinoa, and oats, they're naturally sweetened and to stay in the same healthy spirit, we suggest you do it with ILIOS organic. The kids will love these cookies!

Get the recipe here

ILIOS Tuna melt pizza baguettes

So with this recipe, you will be adored by your kids! Having pizza for breakfast? What a luck !

Your little ones will love these quick and easy pizza breads. Do not forget to use your ILIOS tuna for an awesome Mediterranean taste!

Get the recipe here

Fancy rice or corn cake

So you can easily make this recipe in the morning with your little ones, and it works just as well as a breakfast or a snack. You can decorate your small ILIOS rice rollers into a cute little owl with blueberries and apples as in this recipe. For sure, the kids will love it!

Get the recipe here


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