If you love Halloween like us, you're in the right place! And we are very excited to start the fun of Halloween with these easy recipes that we will be sharing every day until the Dday!

Today's snack is made with ILIOS rice cakes and allergy-friendly ingredients and no-sugar.

Healthy Halloween snack the kids will scream for. Boooo!




Created in 2012, the ILIOS food brand strives to share experiences through food. ILIOS Foods is a local food brand that offers imported foods from all around the world. 

Food without borders. ILIOS foods brings international foods right to your kitchen.

ILIOS was created by CTS Foods president Costa Tsimiklis and vice-president Mike Vafiadis. Both of Greek descent, ILIOS means "sun" in Greek. ILIOS Foods bring light and life into your kitchen and the meals you create for your friends and family.


We travel the world in search of fresh ingredients and quality foods from around the world. Our goal is to make delicious food options accessible to all Canadians.


From our savoury pizza from France to our grilled juicy veggies from Peru, we will accompany you in all your culinary adventures.


Experience international flavours, learn the story behind what you're eating, and travel the world without leaving your kitchen.



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