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Like many of us, you may have eaten your last meal without even truly tasting it, without considering the ingredients inside of it, where it came from, the effects it would have on your body. Many of us eat in front of the TV, in our car or are distracted in another way and not focusing on the food we are putting into our bodies.

Mindful eating means being present, being focused while consuming food and drinks. Savouring the taste, listening to how food affects your body, paying attention to the ingredients you choose to ingest. You are what you eat after all!

Asides from the obvious benefit of actually enjoying your food even more, mindful eating can help with weight problems and help steer you towards a more healthy lifestyle. Knowing the ingredients in your food might dissuade you from eating too many processed foods or junk foods. Being aware of when you're hungry and when you're full will help avoid over-eating. And realize how good your body can feel after eating clean, healthy foods will encourage you towards

better choices. 

ILIOS Foods wants to help you learn how to eat more mindfully and improve your food habits in a few simple steps.

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A good place to start is the food you buy. When grocery shopping, stick to the produce aisle and try to avoid processed frozen foods, canned meals and prepared snacks and desserts.

Look for food with a "clean" ingredient list. If you can't pronounce it or it sounds like something from your high school science class, it probably isn't good for you.

When looking for new ILIOS products, we look for foods with limited ingredients and we search the world for the highest quality.

Many of our products are organic which does not necessarily mean they have a higher nutrient content than their non-organic brothers and sisters,  but it does mean that you will not find any pesticides, artificial chemicals, hormones or antibiotics.

For more information about organic foods vs. non-organic options, check out this article by Healthline for more information.



It is important to listen to the signals your body sends you. Are you even hungry? Have you waited too long and now you're absolutely ravenous?

Neither of these scenarios are good. You should be eating when your body first starts to tell you you're hungry. If you're eating just to eat, you're not listening to what your body needs and can develop a habit of over-eating. If you're waiting too long between meals or snacks, chances are when you finally do eat you scarf that food down so quick you don't even take the time to chew which can lead to digestive issues.


Another helpful tip to try to eat more mindfully is to eat smaller portions, more frequently throughout the day. For you main meals, switch to a 9" plate instead of a 10-12" dinner plate. This will help you control your portions and only eat what your body needs, and not more. 

Along with smaller meals, add healthy snacks to your daily eating routine. Check out our blog article about healthy snacks to give you some great ideas to add to your menu.




Take some time to truly appreciate everything about the meal you're about to eat. Take joy in cooking from scratch. Use your senses and observe all the different ingredients that you use to create your next culinary masterpiece. 

Take note of all the aromas, the textures, the bright colours of fresh foods. Make cooking an experience you truly enjoy and do not take it for granted.

When it comes time to eat the delicious meal you just created, do so without any distractions. Set yourself up at the kitchen table, turn the tv off, close your eyes and savour each bite. Eat slowly, chew thorougly. You may be surprised by all the flavours that are released when you take the time to notice.

Not a whiz in the kitchen? No problem. ILIOS has some beginner-friendly recipes that will help teach you the art of cooking and help you start to enjoy the whole process.

CLICK HERE for beginner-friendly recipes.



Mindful eating is all about learning to appreciate food and to love your culinary experiences. ILIOS believes that to achieve this,  eating foods that you love, just because they taste so good and make your tummy smile, regardless of the calorie-count, carbs, fat content or sugar is also important. In moderation of course!

Don't stop yourself from eating that plate of pasta or snacking on that rich chocolate dessert. But just make sure that when you do it, you do it mindfully. Be aware of your portion size and take the time to feel, smell, taste and observe every aspect of your indulgence.

Check out some of our favourite cheat meals by clicking the links below:





We personally visit each on of our suppliers so we know where the food we are bringing to you comes from.

Our foods are "Foods without Borders" - we work with countries from all over the world to bring you a product line as diverse as the cultures that contribute to making our country so great.

Whether you shop local or love foods with an international flair, it is important to know where your food comes from. On all of our products we are so proud to declare each country we import from and are always willing to answer any questions and tell the stories of the origins of ILIOS Foods.

Check out all of the ILIOS products HERE.

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